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Stop pain fast and recover quickly. Relieve brings you the dual-engine power of a CBD topical and topical lidocaine in one easy spray bottle. Whether it’s a tough workout or a tough day at the office, Relieve offers relief right where you need it most. This light, non-greasy formula is packed with soothing Superior Broad Spectrum hemp extract and aloe vera juice, while the lidocaine provides temporary pain relief. The liquid spray with Bag-On-Valve Technology lets you get those hard-to-reach places in any position – even upside down!

Made with Superior Broad Spectrum hemp extract with supportive cannabinoids (CBD, CBG, CBN)
4% Lidocaine to ease discomfort
Infused with Aloe Vera juice to soothe skin
Available in three CBD concentrations
Apply a thin layer onto the affected area up to four times a day as needed. If you get any on your hands we recommend washing it off, though our roll-on and spray applicators are designed to avoid that. Topical lidocaine has traditionally been used as a way to counteract the adverse effects of skin irritations. CBD topical lidocaine is intended to use for direct areas of discomfort and you should avoid using it on mucous membranes.

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